A Better Life in Kentucky

KAPA is organized to promote planning statewide in order to enhance the quality of life in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association brings together practitioners, planning officials, students, and interested citizens into a single and stronger community development forum. We provide current information on planning issues, practices, and techniques. We are advocates for good planning in national, state and local forums. 

Objectives include:

  • Provide and support educational opportunities in Planning for Professional Planners, Students, Elected Officials and Citizen Planners.

  • Encourage membership involvement in Chapter activities, retention of existing members, and the addition of new members.

  • Network with other organizations in an effort to foster support for KAPA goals and objectives.

  • Promote social equity within the profession and through community planning efforts and practices.

  • Increase citizen awareness and understanding regarding the role and value of planning in community and regional development.

  • Advocate planning through legislative efforts.

To learn more about KAPA visit http://www.apaky.org/